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We mainly sale artwork and visual concepts  in collaboration with the artists. Additional, we offer sculptures, interior design accessoires, furniture and promote individual services of our partners.  As long as it reaches our quality requirements and fits in the  sales concept, we are open for any new kind of product.

Join the firs class in art sale business

We cover the broad field of art and design in a discerning manner and present artists with outstanding technical skills, who approach this subject in a particularly sensual and original way. Our high artistic standards are supported by an equally high standard of presentation and service. If you can contribute high-class works of your own, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Its not important whether you are a professional or hobbyist, as long as your stuff is outstanding – that means over average in style, quality, creativity or both, we are glad to work with you.

We are different.

The NGA-Group websites are not the usual marketplaces like the broader competition. Its more like an exclusive network. We prefer to work close with the artists. We prefer to work with artists, designer, photographer who are able to deliver on location services and bespoke artwork.

Art is nothing marketing is everything!

Forget if you think you just drop your works to this marketplace and it will sale. We promote our artists with individual concepts and consulting. We share ideas and try our best to connect you with the right clients. We make events, we work with galeries, we publish books, we merchandise your art on a professional level.

Lets talk about rates

Our cooperations and contracts are as individual as your artwork and the projects we do with you.  Depending on style and product design there are too many parameter to state fixed commissions. But we are sure, we offer the best and most faire agreements in the market.

I have my artwork on your site – what happens on an order?

  1.  You receive a notification email in the same time the order is placed.
  2. If the work was payed by PayPal or Credit Card you receive your commission within 5 days after order.
  3. You need to create the image file with a very small number nearly hidden within the artwork. Because on every limited or open edition we put a upwards numerative signature.
  4. We produce the item, or you on your behalf, or one of our production partners. This depends on the individual item and the agreement we made.
  5. The customer should get his order within 6 business days after payment.

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